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Providing Food for Those in Need

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Providing Food For Those In Need

Help us to fulfill our mission. If you are in need of food assistance we are here for you! Fish food pantry is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM and serves all of Knox County. Contact us at 309-343-7807. We are here to help!

Food Delivery to your home!

FISH of Galesburg is now offering the option of DELIVERY to your home for guests who are homebound and unable to come to the pantry for a food assistance package.


In partnership with United Way of Knox County, DELIVERYof your food assistance package is now available on Thursdays. The food delivery area includes all of Knox County. 


Please call FISH at 309-343-7807. When you receive a call back from one of our volunteers, please let them know that you are requesting the option of delivery of your food package, as you are not able to come to the panty. YOU MUST BE HOME AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.


Please note: The request for delivery should be scheduled at least one day prior to delivery.


A big thank you to the United Way of Knox County for working together with FISH of Galesburg—helping to make this important service available!


Providing Food For Those In Need

FISH of Galesburg is open 10 AM - 3, PM, Monday through Friday. For food assistance please call 309-343-7807.

For the safety and health of our clients and volunteers we are currently pre-boxing all food orders.

Upon arrival at the pantry, a volunteer will meet you at the door and your food assistance package will be passed out the door to you. 


Providing Food For Those In Need


FISH pantry is closed on days when Galesburg schools are closed due to weather.